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Every Step

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

S.O.A.P. - a method in spiritual journaling


Observation (What does it say?)

Application (What does it say to me?)


S - Psalm 89:15-16 “ Blessed are those who have learned

to acclaim you; who walk in the light of your presence,


O - Learning to live in God’s presence, moment by moment, is cause for rejoicing.

A - It doesn’t come naturally - this practicing the presence of God. We have to learn to walk through our days this way. It’s about recognizing the unplanned pauses that slow us down - waiting in lines, late appointments, stuck in traffic or cancelled meetings. They can be irritating and cause us frustration or we can view them as opportunities to pause and praise God; opportunities to be grateful for many blessings or just a reminder that God is in control and we can rejoice in all circumstances. When everything goes according to plan, we miss those moments that slow us down and give us a chance to consciously acknowledge His presence with us - every step of the day. “Light” pauses - brief but illuminated by His presence.

P - Open my eyes, Father, to many “light” pauses today.

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