Tidings Magazine, the UBWMU/Atlantic Baptist Women’s magazine, is published ten times per year in full colour. It is a great resource for those interested in local and global mission. Each issue contains information regarding the ministries and projects supported by Atlantic Baptist Women and Canadian Baptist Ministries, as well as many general articles. Each issue also has a mission-related children’s story and activities ... enough for an entire program.

The annual subscription rate in Canada is $15, tax included.

Paid subscribers to the print edition of Tidings Magazine qualify to read the current issue online. The password to access the online issue is printed in Tidings Magazine each January and is given to new subscribers once payment is received. Please do not share the online password with others. Thank you.

Tidings is not available for online-only subscriptions. To protect privacy or sensitive ministry situations, some material in the online issue may differ from the print issue.


Tidings subscriptions can be paid to Tidings Magazine by cheque or e-transfer. 
A one year subscription cost is (one year/10 issues): Canada $15; U.S. $40.

**To change an address, request the cancellation of a subscription, or for all other inquiries, please email tidingsbusm@gmail.com

Payment Options


To pay by cheque, fill out the form below and submit. You will be emailed information about where to send your cheque for the Tidings Magazine subscription. Make cheque payable to: Tidings Magazine

E-transfer  (*requires online banking account*)

  1. Login to your online banking account and select the e-transfer option (wording varies by institution).

  2. You will need to add “Tidings Magazine” as a recipient.
    a. Recipient Name: Tidings Magazine
    b. Recipient Email: tidingsbusm@gmail.com

  3. Complete the e-transfer transaction through your online banking        institution.

  4. In the message section of the e-transfer please give your full name and address as well as state that you are paying for a Tidings Magazine subscription.

  5. Fill out the form below. 

  6. You will receive confirmation when your payment has been accepted.

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