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Global Adventures

Global Adventures is the children's mission education program where children are encouraged to participate in both local and global mission projects. Children in elementary school may participate in a Global Adventures program once a week or several times during the year as designated by the children's ministry coordinator as part of the local church's children's ministry such as children's church, Sunday school or week-day club programs.

Kids Care: Canadian Baptist Ministries' "Kids Care" resource is designed for children ages 5-10. 












Videos to accompany each lesson of the "Kids Care" resource can be found on Atlantic Baptist Women YouTube Channel



"Global Adventures with Ace the Airplane" is a resource for children printed each month in Tidings Magazine. 

2021 Children's Mission Action Project:

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Are you looking for a project that will encourage the children and youth of your church and community to be aware of the needs of people globally? Are you ready to engage the children and youth of your church and community to help others in a practical way? This project is for you!

Global Adventures Annual Report Form click here

Atlantic Baptist Women also supports Global Adventures as part of summer programming at Atlantic Baptist camps. 

Camp directors' Global Adventures program evaluation form click here

Group of Babies

Little Lights

Little Lights is the Atlantic Baptist Women’s ministry for pre-school children.  Events may be held during the year for pre-school children and their parents. Stories and activities from the Canadian Baptist Ministries children's mission education resources, "Kids Care," and the monthly Tidings Magazine article, "Adventures with Ace the Airplane," can be adapted for older pre-school children.  The Little Lights group may contribute to the Mission Action Project described under the Global Adventures heading.


Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS)




Atlantic Baptist Women offers summer DVBS children's programs for local churches. 


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