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Who We Are

Atlantic Baptist Women are women of all ages who desire to follow Jesus. We have a rich heritage of demonstrating the love of God to others throughout the world. Our roots began in 1870 when Hannah Maria Norris formed local women’s groups to support her mission to Burma. Today we consist of over 110 women’s groups throughout Atlantic Canada. We not only support others in mission by prayer and finances, we also engage in mission both locally and globally. 

Atlantic Baptist Women has a 20 member Board and is a registered Canadian charity under our incorporated name, United Baptist Woman's Missionary Union of the Atlantic Provinces. 

Our History

In 1870, Miss Hannah Maria Norris of Canso, Nova Scotia, applied to the Maritime Baptist Foreign Mission Board as a candidate for appointment to Burma. This board did not have the funds available for her passage and support. She purchased a ticket to sail to Boston, intending to apply to the American Baptist Foreign Mission Board. Before she sailed, Maria was advised to appeal to the women of the Baptist churches. On June 18, 1870, Maria began to engage the women by asking for their support. “Will you row with me?” was her request. 

During the summer of 1870, she organized a Woman’s Missionary Society in her home church, and soon had organized twenty-two societies in Nova Scotia and eleven in New Brunswick—the first of their kind in the world. The women rallied behind the cause!  Maria’s mission became their mission.  Many supported her with the financial resources they received from selling the eggs and butter from their farms. Maria sailed for Burma on September 21, 1870, with enough money to pay for her travel and one year’s living expenses! This was the beginning of the United Baptist Woman’s Missionary Union (incorporated 1907) and continues today as Atlantic Baptist Women (registered 2017). 



Our Vision Statement

Impacting the world for Christ


Our Mission Statement

Partnering to serve Christ in communities

at home and around the world -

learning and growing together.


Partnering:  ABW partners with ministries within Canada and globally through Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Serving:  ABW desires to serve Christ by caring for others and by being generous with compassion and support.

Learning: ABW continues to learn about God’s goodness and grace through the Bible, God’s Word. Workshops, mission projects and events are opportunities to discover and respond to the needs within our communities and our world.

Growing:  ABW nurtures faith and knowledge through worshipping God and engaging in mission. 

Our Logo



Christ is central, and Atlantic Baptist Women serve others with a heart of compassion. The colour purple stands for the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our King, and green reminds us that we are constantly growing both in our relationship with Christ and in opportunities to serve others. The joined lettering of our logo symbolizes our commitment to partnering: to one another in local groups; to the larger ABW organization of women’s groups; with local and global ministries; and, with Baptist sisters around the globe. “Impacting the World for Christ” is the ABW vision statement.

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Our publication

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Tidings... a great resource for YOU
filled with inspirational articles and

Baptist mission information!

10 issues - $20 per year (includes taxes)

and online access included. 

More info here

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Baptist World Alliance Women

Baptist Women of 

North America

Canadian Baptist Women

Atlantic Baptist Women

Local ABW Groups

Our Baptist Women's Family


Atlantic Baptist Women is rooted through our local ABW groups who faithfully support and engage in missions both locally and globally. We join together with Baptist women across Canada on projects to support international Baptist women in leadership roles and in post-graduate studies. ABW is one of fourteen Baptist women's organizations that comprise Baptist Women of North America. BWNA is one of the seven continental unions of Baptist World Alliance Women. One of the ways we unite with Baptist women around the world is by participating in the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer and promotion of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

More information on the Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer can be found here

The 68th Commission on the Status of Women session will take place from March 11-22, 2024 in New York. Baptist World Alliance Women is sending a delegation to participate in person as well as a delegation for virtual participation. If interested in being a delegate, go here


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