Praying Together

Prayer Requests


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. - Proverbs 4:23

Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Youth

Pray for youth whose friendships have been affected by changes in school structures, athletic scheduling, and other changes caused by shifting restrictions

Pray for the well-being of families, as they face extra demands on time, and greater financial uncertainty.

Pray for safety in homes, and pray against family violence.


Pray for the families of rotational workers who have been affected by isolation requirements while home

Pray for university students who are discouraged by a full academic year of virtual learning

Pray for high school students who are discerning God’s invitation on their lives

Pray for middle school students navigating the pressures of online peer relationships and cyber bullying.

Pray for new and increased ways of connecting with students, and expanding the reach of our ministries. Pray for a greater number of students to hear the Good News of Jesus.


Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec Youth





Pray for grace to be extended between the regions of “hot spots” and those with relatively low impact from COVID.

Pray for the shift of graduates (whether from middle school, high school or post-secondary) to their next chapter.

Pray for the racial and ideological tensions between groups of people.

Pray for new insights in ministering/outreaching in the digital realm.

Pray for the impact the last two years of modified academic studies and their long-term implications.


Pray for the impact in their “adulting” development (in career/employment, housing, health, etc.).


Union d'Églises Baptistes Francophones du Canada

Pray for safety, protection and wise operation of Summer day camps, as many are reopening this Summer

Pray for the youth without plans or activities this Summer that they may find something meaningful to
do this Summer

Pray for continued peace, healing and constructive conversation in the midst of various racial tensions and the project of Bill 21 on religious symbols

Pray for the many CEGEP students who will have spent nearly half of their program through online school by the end of this health crisis

Majority of churches in Quebec rely on volunteer youth staff. Pray for their availability and endurance during these trying times.

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Youth

Give thanks for the resiliency of youth and their ability to adjust to ever changing restrictions

Pray for our graduates who are struggling to discern what's next

Pray for youth groups which, for the most part, haven't met in person for a calendar year

Pray for youth who have developed unhealthy habits during the pandemic


Pray that youth who have been separated from extended family (especially new immigrants)

Give thanks for youth who have made decisions to follow health guidelines even when it's hard

Youth of Africa

Recovery of global economy. COVID-19 has made many youth lose their job and business.

Recovery of hope for the future. With COVID-19, there is an increased sense of hopelessness and depression that has resulted in high levels of crime in both cities and villages.

Justice and restoration for the young men and women who facegender-based violence

School closures due to COVID-19 have resulted in increased vulnerability of young girls (they are not as protected as they were in school). There is a big number of young girls who have conceived out of marriage.

Having facilities and infrastructure to do schooling online, during the pandemic.

Having access to the church again.

Youth of Dominican Republic, Cuba,
El Salvador, Guatemala & Bolivia

Ministry of young Baptists in local churches - Pray for the spiritual health of the Baptist Youth Ministries and strengthening their leadership.

Studies – youth have been deeply affected by school closures, some for up to an entire year. Students struggle with connection to online learning where it is offered, kids have been put out to work (many as young as 10) to help their families facing economic challenges and lack energy and encouragement from parents to continue their studies.

Emotional health – Youth are lonely, lack opportunities for play, study, meaningful work, and also often live in an unhealthy home environment.

Youth employment – for entrepreneurship opportunities that can help youth provide for their families, and allow time for continuing studies. Youth need mentors and
support for their creative ideas.

For our church partner leaders and CBM national and Canadian staff, and for the Canadian church that financially supports all that we do together

Youth of the Philippines

For students in the Philippines (both in grade school and in college/university) who have not attended 'in-person' classes for over 1-year now. For students living in rural areas this has been especially difficult since their access to reliable internet is not good and causes challenges in attending their virtual classes and completing their assignments.

For young adults who recently completed their studies but are struggling to find work. There is an extremely high rate of unemployment among young adults, which
causes financial hardship within families and discouragement.

For the mental health of youth and young adults in the Philippines. Over the past few years, the rate of anxiety, depression, and suicide have escalated drastically
among this age group. The pandemic has made things even worse because the future seems so hopeless and bleak as more and more people struggle with physical
health issues, unemployment, food insecurity, and conflict.

For youth and young adults who are struggling with addictions. With the pandemic raging in the Philippines and positive cases on the rise, one addiction that is on the rise is online gaming. Many youth have turned to video games to overcome their boredom. Unfortunately, for many, this has led to an unhealthy addiction to online gaming, which gets in the way of educational responsibilities, job opportunities, and
even in their spiritual formation.

Thank you for praying!
May the Lord bless you as you lift up these requests before him. 
Youth of Thailand & Myanmar

For the situation in Myanmar: For governmental
stability, for security, for economic stability, for the safety of youth, children, and their families.

For the students in Thailand Bethel Theological Institute, due to pandemic and political instability in Myanmar, at least 50% of the current students are
stuck in Myanmar and not able to return to Thailand to study. Pray for their perseverance to study on-line, protect them, keep them safe, pray that the border
will be open again very soon.

For the Chinese students in Germany that were served by CBMf in Germany. Pray for those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, guide them, and lead them, may their faith grow continuously and be a good witness when they return home in China.

For those seekers, may they find peace and love in Christ as they are away from home and feel lonely during this pandemic.

These requests are from the 2021 National Day of Prayer for Youth guide prepared by the Canadian Baptist Youth Team.