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God's Kindness

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

S.O.A.P. a method of spiritual journaling


Observation (What does it say?)

Application (What does it say to me?)


S - Ruth 2:20 “The LORD has not stopped showing his kindness to the living and the dead.”

O - God keeps on extending His grace and mercy in our lives, faithfully day after day, from generation to generation.”

A - If anyone had reason to believe God had abandoned her, it would have been Naomi. Three deaths in her family, in a foreign country, with little hope for a future. No wonder she cried out, “the Lord’s hand has gone out against me!” (v. 13)

But God had not departed. She may have made her plans but God was working His plan in her life and the lives of others to bring her to a place of great blessing and honour. What she saw as great tragedy and bitter interruptions in her life, God used to carry out His divine plan and purpose for His glory.

Through Naomi and Ruth, we are reminded that God works in surprising ways to make His love known and to accomplish His purposes - even during difficult times…maybe especially then.

P - From small to large interruptions in my day and life, help me to welcome them as divine opportunities from You, my Father, for your plan and purposes.

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