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Open Arms

S.O.A.P. a method of spiritual journaling.


Observation (What does it say?)

Application (What does it say to me?)


S -

“She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.”

- Proverbs 31:20

O -

A woman who fears God is compassionate, generous and hospitable.

A -

Open arms show compassion and extend a welcoming invitation to come and receive unconditional love and resources to meet needs. Many people are unaware of their spiritual need because their physical or emotional needs are so great. We are called to meet those needs. Not long ago a friend explained this truth in a way that opened my spiritual eyes a bit wider. She explained what we are called by Jesus to do for the poor and hurting - simply lift the burden of lacking the basic necessities to survive. Jesus did not call us to analyze or speculate on why they are needy or to judge their situations. Rather, He called us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and befriend the stranger. We must do everything we can to remove the obstacles that keep them from seeing Him and in the process they will experience His compassionate love and provision through us. We are called to close the gap; blessed so we can bless others.

P -

Another day before me and I am open to any opportunity You place before me, Father. May I extend grace and love and practical help to those in need - unconditionally.

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