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Prayer Requests


Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.  Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song." (Psalm 95: 1-2. NIV)

  • Praise God for the recent appointment of CBM national field staff. Pray for her and CBM’s Team Leaders as they work with CBM SENT short-term mission teams. They also work together equipping local pastors and lay people, expanding community outreach.

  • Pray for the Lord’s protection for the CBM global field staff, and for those with whom they serve.  Lift up the teachers and their 3- to 4-year-old students in the four childcare centres. 

  • Heavy flooding has displaced over four million people. Lives were lost and homes and livelihoods destroyed.  Pray for income recovery for the victims and for safety and the protection of CBM staff and partner churches in the area as they strive to show God’s love by providing support to those affected.

  • National field staff ask for prayer for their families and the CBM team.  Pray for spiritual growth and vitality for the team, for the witness of the local church and for ongoing workshops for pastors. 

  • A CBM strategic associate, leading a multinational team, asks for prayer for a Bible translator's good health.  Pray too for suitable employment for a widow of a former translator and for comfort and peace for her and the family.

  • On World Food Day, give thanks for the success of the Food for Life program which began two years ago; praise God for higher yields of rice and for chemical-free food.  Pray for phase two which will begin this fall.

  • Give thanks for CBM field staff.                                                   



  • Praise God for a couple who surrendered their hearts to the Lord. Their life-changing testimony was an encouragement to CBM strategic associates. Pray peace, rest, and guidance for them.


  • CBM field staff covet our prayers for their families as they seek to share the gospel with the students.

  • CBM global field staff I request prayer for the final session of the Leadership Exchange. Pray for deepening relationships across borders.  Pray for him as he helps facilitate the upcoming Timothy Project, which is a training initiative.   '

  • Give thanks that over 100 women have registered for the 2020 Baptist World Alliance Conference. Pray that all will be granted traveling visas

  • Lift up CBM’s partner churches working on the frontlines.

  • Uphold CBM’s church partners who faithfully minister despite the challenges.

  • Pray for CBM’s Africa team leader, he will coach and empower CBM’s field staff.  May God grant him wisdom, strength, safety,  health, and guidance as he implements ministry plans

  • CBM field staff, along with church partners, continue efforts to build peace and share God’s love through word and deed.  Pray for their ministry. 

  • Praise God for the delivery of the New Testament.  Pray for smooth operations, going forward.  Pray too, for CBM strategic associates as they continue translation work, as they advise and offer spiritual encouragement.  

  • Praise God for the increasing number attending discipleship meetings. 


Central & South


  • CBM's global discipleship coordinator and national field staff asks for prayer for her health and for her family as they approach a time of important decision making. Pray for SENT teams scheduled to travel in the next few months.

  • Pray with CBM program officer that she will be an instrument of God.  May God help her to be respectful of different cultures and to have grace to work with ministry partners. Remember all CBM staff and their families; travel for work brings extra pressures for those remaining at home.

  • CBM field staff ask God to bless them with wisdom and strength as they face a busy season supporting programs.  Pray for the expanding work of the Seminary which includes improved accessibility to theological resources and training of effective leaders.

  • CBM is partnering with an organization to improve the health and sanitation of communities. Pray for staff and community volunteers as they provide education and install safe latrines to reduce waterborne diseases.

  • Be thankful for the freedoms and riches we enjoy in Canada, and especially for your salvation. Pray for all who provide for your physical and spiritual nourishment and give thanks for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, your local pastors, for faithful Atlantic Baptist women in ministry, and the executive of ABW.     

  • Ask the Lord to liberally bless the November Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer.  Pray for leaders making preparations and that many Christian sisters around the globe will attend.


Atlantic Canada

  • Give thanks for the participants of July’s Tidal Impact youth ministry event. May they now seek ways to join God at work in their own neighbourhoods.

  • Lift up first-year students attending University.  Pray for those adjusting to dorm life and for international students adjusting to Canada. 

  • Pray for the ADC President that she will be blessed with wisdom and discernment as she leads.

  • Pray for generous donors at the annual fundraising banquet  Ask the Lord that the centre’s ads will be effective in reaching new students and for teachers to accept the centre’s free offer of presentations in schools this fall.  Praise God: over 2600 students were reached in presentations last spring.

  • Pray that the Lord will bless and  expand the ministry's outreach.  Pray for the provision of necessary resources, for church partnerships to increase and for God to prepare hearts for Christmas giving.

  • Leaders ask for prayers for wisdom. They long for effective ways to share Jesus with the community and for continued relationship-building with the Aboriginal community and with those in prison and long-term care facilities.

  • Pray for grace and peace to be with Atlantic Baptist Women’s president. 

  • Pray  for ABW groups participating in a “Be A Neighbour” project to demonstrate kindness and God’s love in a practical way in Atlantic communities.

  • CBM is sponsoring a women’s SENT short-term mission team.  Pray that women will hear God’s call and be willing to serve Him in this meaningful way; may hearts be prepared to give and receive.



  • Pray for the Baptist World Alliance Women's Interim Executive Director, president and those planning the 2020 conference.  

  • Pray for discernment and safety for CBM senior associate for theological integration, as he travels the globe on speaking engagements. Ask for an openness to and understanding of the gospel for all his listeners.

  • CBM field staff ask for prayer for an online ministry program. Remember to pray for CBM staff completing doctoral dissertations while mentoring leaders.


Thank you for Praying


These prayer requests come from many sources including: CBM Website, CBM World at Your Door, CBM Prayerline, CBAC prayer requests, CBM Global Field Staff blogs and newsletters, mosaic magazine, Home Mission Ministries, emails, ABW personnel and the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer guide