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What is Home Missions?

Atlantic Baptist Women impacts our local communities by partnering with several ministry programs and projects within the Atlantic Provinces.


Some home mission ministries ABW regularly contributes to are: 


  • Summer Ministries - Daily Vacation Bible School leaders and Camp Grants                                                                          "Global Adventures" resources are provided for CBAC churches and camps.

  • Acadia Divinity College

  • Crandall University

  • Pregnancy Resource Centres (7)

  • Hospital and Community Chaplaincies

  • Christian Action Federation of NB

  • Newfoundland & Labrador Association project

  • New Life Mission 

  • CBAC Atlantic Baptist Mission Board

Home Mission Project 2019 

Support, Pray for and Encourage Our Baptist Women in Ministry

        Our Home Mission Projects are opportunities for women to reach out to others, within the Atlantic Provinces, with            compassion to meet a need.  Women join together, combine their resources, and help others. This year our                      Atlantic Baptist Women’s Home Mission Project will support, pray for and encourage our Baptist women in ministry.

PART ONE - Identify and connect with a Baptist woman (women) in ministry

Is a woman serving in ministry in your Baptist church or association?  She may be serving as a pastor, la-pastor or chaplain.  You may look beyond your Baptist association of churches and your group may support more than one woman in ministry.  Encourage your WMS / ABW group to begin building a relationship with her.

PART TWO - contribute to the "interMISSION Grants for Women in Ministry" fund

You and your group may provide financial assistance for our Baptist women in ministry to attend the annual ABW event, interMISSION.  Your contribution may be sent to your provincial treasurer designated for the 2019 Home Mission Project, "interMISSION Grants for Women in Ministry"

         Thank you for supporting, praying for and encouraging our Baptist women in ministry.

Home Missions