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2020 Mission Project

Support for a Children's Project


     At this year's annual CBW event, women across Canada

will meet together to share the Bible study and participate in a mission project. 

The 2020 mission project offering will provide support for a children's project in Bolivia.  Children will receive support and encouragement.  Thank you for your participation!    


Grow ABW - Building on the Legacy

  During 2020, Atlantic Baptist Women will celebrate the past 150 years and look to and envision the future.

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50 projects for ABW's 150th anniversary

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"Be a Neighbour" Projects

Engage women from your church, as well as the Woman’s Missionary Society or Atlantic Baptist Women’s group members in a “Be a Neighbour!” community project that will demonstrate kindness and God’s love. Be creative! Determine to meet a practical need for those living in your community.


Ask God to show you a specific need that the women of your church can meet and pray that you will hear what he is calling you to do. Pray that those to whom you will show kindness will see Christ’s love evident and that the Holy Spirit will draw people to our Heavenly Father. Perhaps you could visit places that provide community services in your area to learn about their needs for volunteer help and what needs are in the community that have not yet been met.


  1. Pray, discuss, and decide on a project that would show kindness and be of help to people in your community.

  2. Choose a date and time.

  3. Inform and invite women of the church to participate.

  4. Organize the event’s details and bless others by being their neighbour.

  5. Debrief with those who participated. How was the help received? What went well? What needed improvement? How did you see God at work as you served others?

Send a brief story of your project and, if possible, a picture to the ABW office at Some stories and pictures may be printed in Tidings Magazine or shared on the Atlantic Baptist Women's Facebook page.

Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer 

The first Monday of November, Baptist women around the globe meet together to pray and to provide an offering that will support important ministry projects that will benefit women and their families. A program that includes Bible studies, testimonies of women, and prayer requests from each continent is provided to help you create an effective Day of Prayer event.  

A Day of Prayer event may be held in your church or area.  If you are interested in participating or hosting a Day of Prayer event, see the Baptist World Alliance Women’s website:

ABW Elective 

ABW Elective is an opportunity to engage women in a 6 - 10 week study which includes a project that will involve them in mission either locally or globally. 

ABW Elective is not to replace an existing WMS /ABW group in your church. It is a different style of a group, more suited to women who are busy with work and raising families yet desire to connect with women in a spiritually enriching and mission minded way.  ABW Elective provides a wonderful opportunity for women, who already participate in ABW, to involve other women who do not come to an existing group. 

ABW Elective is a new initiative. Invite the women of your church to join together for a small group study for a specific number of weeks, and involve the group in a mission project. The mission project will support  an ABW home mission within the Atlantic Provinces or a Canadian Baptist Ministries project. 

Join the collaboration,

Wage War Against Human Trafficking

North American Baptist Women’s Union Waging War Against Human Trafficking!

  • Start by praying today. 

  • Join the collaboration that is mobilizing four million women from across North America, and seventeen Baptist denominations and organizations. 

  • Increasing awareness, advocacy and action…together!

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