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2017 Mission Project: Rwanda – support for literacy programs

Thank you for your participation in this study.  Each participant is invited to give an offering to the Canadian Baptist Women’s (CBW) project paired with the Great Canadian Women`s Bible Study.  At this annual CBW’s event women across Canada meet together to share the Bible study and participate in a mission project.  The 2017 mission project offering will provide support for those in Rwanda who have not had the opportunity to learn to read or go to school.

Your offering will benefit and bless those for whom literacy is a key to economic stability as well as will help them to have leadership roles within their church and community.  

Your offering may be sent, along with your regular offering, to your Provincial Treasurer designated for the 2017 Great Canadian Women’s Bible Study project. Through your support of this ministry, we again demonstrate that by women helping women, we can change our world.


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