Paying your registration using e-transfer

While we are unable to give you specific instructions because each and every banking institution has a different form and system, we can give you some basic instructions, and we have provided links to some bank help pages below:

1. You need to use online baking services from your bank
2. You must be logged into your online banking account
3. Look for a menu item under payments called "e-transfer"

4. You will need to add ABW as a payee and set a password
     - set the email address of the receiver to:
     - set the password for the account to: intermission

5. Process an e-transfer to the payee you have set up.  An email will go to the registrar
    with a link to accept the payment, and the money will come from your account.

You can get help from inside of your online banking program after you log in.  We have provided some links below to the more popular banking instutions help section:

td  logo scotiabank lrg   logo en

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