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A world where curious kids become hands-on inventors
who discover they're lovingly crafted by God.

Our DVBS teams will be travelling around the Maritimes this summer facilitating DVBS programs at various churches.  Please be in prayer that God will move in the lives of the children that attend, the workers that help out and the greater community.  You can keep up with what's happening by visiting back here often. As the teams have time and access to internet, they will post some pictures and stories for you.

Murray Harbour Day One

Hi! Greetings from Elizabeth and Amanda! We hope your summer is going as well as ours. We had a great first week in Dipper Harbour, which is located in the Saint John area. This was a small church, but there were a lot of kids, ranging from 22-30 all week long. It was nice to have a smaller church for our first week so that we could get into the swing of things, and are now prepared for the summer ahead!

We now find our selves in Murray Harbour, PEI! We are thankful and blessed for the beautiful beach that God has put right outside our window, because it is hot! We just completed day 1 here, and for a first day, it went excellent!! We had 50 kids out, and the numbers are expected to rise as the week goes on.

Over this week the kids are learning about how God built them and made them for a purpose! This happens through a series of "Bible Point" that we teach them. They also learn about God through singing songs, doing experiments, watching skits and videos, playing games, creating crafts, eating snacks (which probably have to much sugar in them), and listening to a Bible story!

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Today, Day One, the Bible point was GOD MADE YOU! because of this, the Bible lesson focused on that, and also tied in with the major theme of, God built us and made us for a purpose! The lesson today was very interactive, allowing the kids to create something out of play dough allowing them to learn how God felt about his creation, US! (I have included some of their creations below)! 

As a team we are getting along great! lots of laughs and good memories. We are able to fill in the holes that the other person can' fill. So far we are making a great team!

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As said, Day One went great, and the kids had a ton of fun! We are so thankful for all you have done to make this possible! All the prayers you are sending up are much appreciated and we thank God that we have such wonderful support! None of this would be possible with out you! The job keeps us busy, and travel makes time to write hard to find, but we will do our best to up date you when we can!

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Thanks again for all your hard work, God bless you,
Elizabeth and Amanda.

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